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Si vous vous demandez pourquoi cet article est en anglais c’est tout simple: notre discussion était en anglais! Aussi, je suis en train de réfléchir à comment mélanger les langues sur mon site pour pouvoir interviewer des personnes de différents pays…je vous tiendrais au courant de mes idées!

I have some days that are not like every other days. Some days I feel like I achieved something, big or small it doesn’t matter. Some days I am are just truly happy with myself.

David Coulthard

Last Wednesday was a day like that. I was flying back from Nice to Brussels with my friends, when one of them told me that the man sitting in front of them was David Coulthard, a very successful and famous Formula 1 racer. I do like cars and racing but I should admit that I didn’t know who David was until that precise moment.

Immediately I had this voice coming from within and telling me to go and talk to him… Me? Going to talk to David? But what would I say? I would probably bother him… and it went on and off in my head like this for a long, long time. But at some point it came back in my mind that I had launch my website “Inspire-moi un metier” and started to interview people passionate about their job just because I had listened to my inner voice.

YET At this exact moment I had the impression that my body, my mind had decided that I would go anyway. I was on a kind of « autopilot mode ».

Then I opened my bag, took a business card and my phone, stood up and walked up to his row, sat next to him and said “Bonjour” (I though David spoke French, don’t ask me why…!). David welcomed me very warmly and gently and accepted straight away my request to interview to him.

I would like to share with you some parts of our discussion as it was a very inspiring and human moment for me, so I will do my best to be true and accurate.

First, we started talking about my project, passion, and about how difficult it is to understand what your passion is, what makes you happy.

I told him how this project “Inspire-moi un metier” had been amazing, had made me met people I would have never met before, like himself. And especially how making people talk about something they are passionate about is lightening something in their eyes that I love. And his answer was « the most important thing for you as a young engineer, is to find your way in following your passion whatever it was ». Seems like it is exactly what I’m doing at the moment!

I was also curious to know more about him and his career as a racer therefore I asked him a couple of questions.

Camille: “How did you end up being a famous Formula 1 racer?”

David Coulthard







David: My father use to do karting, he was passionate about it but had to stop when his father died when he was 14. His mother was not interested in racing but he kept this passion and gave me the opportunity to start karting. Hence I went on, through hard work. I followed my opportunities. I wouldn’t say I followed my passion. My grandmother used to tell me

“Dreaming is what you do when you sleep, achieving is what you do when you work”

(I love this!). So your dreams are not reality. Work is what you do to achieve something: If you ask a question you get an answer. As an example, you came and asked me, and you’re here! You walk to the point that’s perfect. If you had been a little bit not sure about what you wanted it would have made me unsure but you were sure so I’m sure, and now we talk.  So you have to find the balance between dreaming and achieving. I didn’t believe I would be a Formula 1 driver.

I also tell to my 8 years old son that all children have the same opportunities and the same talents. And that the only thing that is separating you from them is your work ethic, hard work. Because lots of people go like “oh it’s too difficult”…yeah it is difficult!

“If you give up the other person who doesn’t give up will win”.

There is probably another women like you with the same talent, so what makes you better is your work ethic. There are better men than me with more talent, but what made me successful was work ethic.

So there is no short cut to hard work.

David also mentioned a film he recently did that will be released at the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa; which talks about his journey from Karting to Formula 1. I warmly invite you to discover it when it will be posted on his twitter account https://twitter.com/therealdcf1

Camille: What was your routine as a Formula 1 racer?

David: Boring.

Camille: Boring? Seriously? Where you training…

David: …All the time!

Camille: And travelling and competing?

David: Yeah, exercise, training, travel, cleaning, preparing…boring, boring, boring. But I loved it!

Camille: Why did you love it?

David: Why? Because I knew at the end of this rainbow was a part of gold. And I don’t mean money I mean feeling of achievement, personal success. My sport was nothing about money, my sport was about a focus. A lot of people have no focus, not because they are bad people but because their family don’t get them a focus or they don’t find a focus. But if you can find you focus, it’s a fantastic thing.

Camille: But how did you find this focus when you said that racing was not your passion?

David: Through failure. I didn’t like losing.  I’m a good looser and if you beat me I’ll say well done, so I’m a good looser. Because a good looser…

Camille: …Can be a good winner.

David: Can be a good winner exactly. A bad looser is an arrogant winner in my view. Because someone who cannot look the person – it doesn’t matter a man, woman, tall, small, black, white whatever –

if you cannot look your competitor in the eyes and say “congratulations” then why compete?

In Formula 1 Michael Schumacher, German guy who was the most successful driver. He won 92 or 93 Grand Prix, and he entered more than 300: so he lost more than he won. While in boxing you want to win more than you lose…in motor racing, and some sports you lose more than you win. So who cannot handle loosing as a source of inspiration to success…who knows, I’m sure Norman Foster designer, Dyson designer…had a lots of failure before they had success.

Camille: So what do you do now?

David: I’m retired.

Camille: You are retired? How old are you?

David: 46.

Camille: How is it to be retired at 46?

Well, it’s busy. I have my family, my wife, my son, my business, so I’m busy.

Camille: And do you still race? 

David: No.

Camille: Not even for pleasure? You are not going to drive at the Grand Prix?

David: No. You either compete to win or you don’t. My family makes me happy, business makes me happy. In addition to drive a car was fun but to push a 100% is not fun.

Camille: Did you have the impression to have an impact on the world surrounding you by doing this job?

David: Well, Nelson Mandela says:

“Sport has the power to change the world”

Because it brings people together it’s not about black, it’s not about white, its’ not about male, it’s not about female. Sport brings people together: Olympics, football, motor racing, women tennis, men tennis, women rugby, women football. In my production company we do women football and women rugby. (So I would say the answer is yes!).

David Coulthard

David also shared with me some of his thoughts and opinions, not facts as he said. These are parts of our conversation that I found very inspiring and that I thought could also inspire you. So here are some of his words:

In life you have to learn to say what you want to say quickly. I have an 8 years old son and I say to him, be efficient with your words because your passion is not the other persons passion so if you spend 2 hours talking about your passion the people are like…bored, so you have to find a way to get the hook, especially today with social media. So what I say to my 8 years old son is make you point and move on because usually people don’t like to wait and appreciate a point, another point, another point and then maybe decision, decision, decision and that how the world rules.

I travelled a lot for more than 20 years so you get to know people, know how they are.

Some people are energy, they make you feel good, and some people are like vacuum they suck they take away the energy.

You have to find the way between the good and the bad the energy (This is so TRUE, I feel like I am going through this process of finding my balance since a few months and I can feel how my energy is changing!).

In life you have to find partners. Lots of people thing they can do everything on their own but you do nothing, you don’t make a baby on your own, and you don’t make business on your own. There are certain things you do on your own but these are not achievements these are ideas. To realize an idea you need people, you need a team. I had the feeling that David really had a team: his family, his wife, his 8 years old son and his 19 years old step daughter. They were all very present throughout our discussion and I found this very touching and inspiring.

I don’t think I’ll find inspiration in success in terms of world leaders and successful leaders. You see people who have no arm, no leg, no money, no opportunity…this is where you find inspiration. For me that’s were my greatest admiration comes from because successful people…well congratulations.

But people who have no money or no opportunity provided to them because of adversity and other thing, that’s where your greatest source of love, compassion, respect comes from.

And these are the people who are real winners. I’m an ambassador for Wings for Life spinal cord foundation (http://www.wingsforlife.com/en/), for people with spinal cord injuries. You have a young man or a young woman, 18-19 years old not able to move their arms and legs, but bright, enthusiastic, intelligent. That’s when you feel really humble and inspired.

In conclusion…

Camille: Do you have a change in your life, a day more important than the others, a click or an element that made you change your life path to share with me?

David: I had a plane accident in 2000, in Lyon, in my small private plane. The pilots were killed but I survived. This changed my life because I could have been dead. So this was the big moment for me to grow up, be mature, and understand life is fragile but nobody thinks about it when you are young. So this was my changing.

Most of all, Thank You David for this moment, magical for me, this is what I love doing: meeting people, connecting and sharing inspiration to live to the fullest.

I wish you all a beautiful day,

With passion,


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